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The majority of my work is ghostwritten and proprietary, but I have a few blog post samples below to give you an idea of my writing voice and style. If you are interested in an industry-specific sample, more technical writing or editing options, contact me, and we'll work something out. I also have impeccable references that I'll be happy to send upon request, or you can check out some testimonials here.

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Lethally Sweet

The Destructive, Age-Accelerating and Ultimately Lethal Consequences of America’s Favorite Addiction - Part I

During my time as a fitness trainer and nutrition coach, I was surprised by how little sugar my clients thought they consumed compared to the amount actually consumed. Each client kept a food journal for two weeks, then we evaluated the entries. I made two columns and asked them to place each food into one of the two columns: “Sugar” or “Not Sugar”. Fortunately, no high-stakes bets were on the table, or I would have had a lot of bewildered and angry clients.


Our daily diets can be so packed with hidden sugars that even when we are paying attention, trying to eat healthy and avoid sugar, we often miss the mark...or pole vault over the mark.

Image by Anna Sullivan


What Results Can You Expect & How Quickly Can You Get Them?

If you’re thinking about starting a workout program (again or for the first time) or you’re looking to step up your current fitness regimen or even if a disability or physical limitation prevents you from working out, Callanetics could be exactly what you’re looking for. 


Callanetics isn’t some new fitness craze, either. It has been around for decades, consistently producing some pretty impressive results. By targeting deep, core muscles and using no-impact, high repetition moves (like, 100 reps), Callanetics exercises strengthen and sculpt from the inside out with benefits you can feel and see in as little as one class. Now, that’s fast!

Image by Alex Shaw


Should You Stay Or Should You Go Now?

Five things to consider about downsizing after the kids are gone


So, you’re loving the slower pace, peace, quiet and extra time you seem to have as an empty nester, but you’ve found yourself wondering how in the world you never noticed that your home is so big! It wasn’t so long ago the same space seemed crowded and chaotic, and now you swear you can hear your voice echoing distantly down the hall. It’s way too soon to start touring retirement communities, but do you really need all this space?

Image by todd kent

Fences, Trees & Shrubs, Oh MY!

6 Reasons a Living Fence is the Way to Go

One day, hanging out with the kids at the pool in our backyard, I heard a snapping and crackling, like someone breaking sticks. How I managed to hear that over the laughing and splashing is still a mystery, but I hadn’t imagined it. Within minutes, I heard an engine and could see that creeping towards us was a hungry, brush-eating Bobcat. My neighbors (whose existence I discovered in that very moment) had decided to “clear the fence line”. 


Gone were the Yaupons and leafy vines, native blooms and dense foliage. Gone was the buffer from highway noise. Gone was my ignorance to the fact that I even had neighbors living that close. Worst of all, gone was my privacy. Suddenly our pool was practically in their front yard! Awkward.

Image by Ananta Mulyono
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